Database forkingΒΆ

Fork your Aiven service in order to make a copy of the database. You can use it to create a development copy of your production environment, set up a snapshot to analyze an issue or test an upgrade, or create an instance in a different cloud/geographical location/under a different plan.

When you fork a service, the following items are copied into the new service:

  • Configurations

  • Databases

  • Service users

  • Connection pools


The service integrations are not copied over to the forked version, and need to be re-established for each new copy.

You can fork the following Aiven services:

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • Redis

  • Cassandra (Limitation: you cannot fork to a lower amount of nodes)

  • Elasticsearch

  • InfluxDB

  • M3DB

  • Grafana

When forking a service with Point in Time Recovery (PITR), you can choose to fork from the latest transaction or select a specific point in the past to fork from.