List of advanced parameters

Below you can find a summary of every configuration option available for Aiven for Apache Flink service:

ip_filter => array

IP filter Allow incoming connections from CIDR address block, e.g. ‘’

flink_version => [‘string’, ‘null’]

Flink major version

number_of_task_slots => integer

Flink taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots Task slots per node. For a 3 node plan, total number of task slots is 3x this value

parallelism_default => integer

Flink parallelism.default How many parallel task slots each new job is assigned. Unless you understand how Flink parallel dataflows work, please leave this at 1. Please do not set this value higher than (total number of nodes x number_of_task_slots), or every new job created will fail.

privatelink_access => object

Allow access to selected service components through Privatelink

flink => boolean

Enable flink None

restart_strategy => string

Flink restart-strategy failure-rate (default): Restarts the job after failure, but when failure rate (failures per time interval) is exceeded, the job eventually fails. Restart strategy waits a fixed amount of time between attempts.fixed-delay: Attempts to restart the job a given number of times before it fails. Restart strategy waits a fixed amount of time between attempts. exponential-delay: Attempts to restart the job infinitely, with increasing delay up to the maximum delay. The job never fails. off: The job fails directly and no restart is attempted.

restart_strategy_max_failures => integer

Flink restart-strategy.failure-rate.max-failures-per-interval The number of times that Flink retries the execution before the job is declared as failed if restart-strategy has been set to fixed-delay or failure-rate.

restart_strategy_failure_rate_interval_min => integer

Flink restart-strategy.failure-rate.failure-rate-interval in minutes Time interval for measuring failure rate if restart-strategy has been set to failure-rate. Specified in minutes.

restart_strategy_delay_sec => integer

Flink restart-strategy.failure-rate.delay in seconds Delay between two consecutive restart attempts if restart-strategy has been set to fixed-delay or failure-rate. Delaying the retries can be helpful when the program interacts with external systems where for example connections or pending transactions should reach a timeout before re-execution is attempted.

execution_checkpointing_interval_ms => integer

Flink execution.checkpointing.interval in milliseconds Checkpointing is Flink’s primary fault-tolerance mechanism, wherein a snapshot of your job’s state persisted periodically to some durable location. In the case of failure, Flink will restart from the most recent checkpoint and resume processing. A jobs checkpoint interval configures how often Flink will take these snapshots.

execution_checkpointing_timeout_ms => integer

Flink execution.checkpointing.timeout in milliseconds The time after which a checkpoint-in-progress is aborted, if it did not complete by then.