Send emails from Aiven for Grafana

Use the Aiven API or the Aiven client to configure the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server settings and send the following emails from Aiven for Grafana: invite emails, reset password emails, and alert messages.

What you need

  • Aiven client installed

  • Aiven for Grafana service created

  • SMTP server IP or hostname

  • SMTP server port

  • Username for authentication (if authentication is in use - highly recommended)

  • Password for authentication

  • Sender email address (i.e., email address shown in “From” field)

  • (optionally) sender name

Configure the SMTP server for Grafana

To configure the Aiven for Grafana service:

  1. Open the Aiven client, and log in:

    $ avn user login <> --token
  2. configure the service using your own SMTP values:

    avn service update --project yourprojectname yourservicename \
    -c \
    -c smtp_server.port=465 \
    -c smtp_server.username=emailsenderuser \
    -c smtp_server.password=emailsenderpass \
    -c smtp_server.from_address=""
  3. (optionally) Review all available custom option, and configure as needed:

    avn service types -v

You have now set up your Aiven for Grafana to send emails.