Use Karapace with Aiven for Apache Kafka®#

Karapace is an Aiven-built open source tool that adds quality-of-life improvements to your Aiven for Apache Kafka® service. It consists of both a schema registry, and a REST API; all Aiven for Apache Kafka services support either of both of these features if you want to use them.

Enable Karapace schema registry and REST APIs on Aiven for Apache Kafka#

  1. In the Aiven Console, visit the service overview page for the service, and look for the two configuration settings for Karapace.

  2. Enable either or both of the REST API and Schema Registry settings in the web console.


If you are using any of our automation or other integrations, the parameters to enable these on your service are named schema_registry and kafka_rest.

  1. Visit the Karapace homepage and GitHub project to learn more about the features of Karapace.