Aiven for OpenSearch

OpenSearch is an open source search and analytics suite including search engine, NoSQL document database, and visualization interface. OpenSearch offers a distributed, full-text search engine based on Apache Lucene with a RESTful API interface and support for JSON documents. Aiven for OpenSearch and Aiven for OpenSearch Dashboards are available on a cloud of your choice.


OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards projects were forked in 2021 from the formerly open source projects Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Aiven for OpenSearch comes with OpenSearch Dashboards included, giving a fully-featured user interface and visualization platform for your data.

Why OpenSearch?

OpenSearch is a very useful addition to almost any data platform. It is designed to be robust, scalable and to be able to handle a variety of data types and structures. It provides high-performance search functionality for data of any size or type, and with schemaless storage, can index a variety of sources with different data structures.

OpenSearch is widely used for log ingestion and analysis, particularly because it can handle the data volumes involved, and because OpenSearch Dashboards provides a powerful interface to the data, including search, aggregation and analysis functionality.

Get started with Aiven for OpenSearch

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Ways to use OpenSearch

OpenSearch is ideal for working with various types of unstructured data, where you need to be able to find things quickly. The most common examples include:

  • Send your logs to OpenSearch so that you can quickly identify and diagnose problems if they arise.

  • Use OpenSearch to index documents, so that you can get meaningful search results from a large body of knowledge.

OpenSearch resources

  • Work with your OpenSearch service using cURL

  • Check the API documentation for detailed information about the HTTP endpoints.

  • There’s a list of plugins supported by Aiven for OpenSearch.

  • Got a question about the OpenSearch project itself? They have an FAQ for that.