Switch off automatic replication factor adjustment

For multi-node clusters, Aiven for OpenSearch automatically increases the number_of_replicas value to 1 if it is set to 0. This is done to avoid data loss if one node is lost.

Consider switching this off if:

  • you are running out of disk space, but you do not need more CPU or memory capacity, and

  • you can easily regenerate all the data on the indices that are set to number_of_replicas = 1, and

  • you are running a multi-node cluster.

To switch off automatic increases to the number_of_replicas value, run the following command in the Aiven command-line client:

avn service update -c disable_replication_factor_adjustment=true <your service name>

This does not lower the number_of_replicas value, but it ensures that the value is not increased automatically in the future.


The replication factor is still automatically lowered if it is set to a value larger than the current cluster configuration allows.