Connect two PostgreSQL® services via datasource integration

There are two types of datasource integrations you can use with Aiven for PostgreSQL®: Aiven for Grafana®, and another Aiven for PostgreSQL® service. If you are connecting two PostgreSQL® services together, perhaps to query across them, but still want to have a restricted IP allow-list, then you will need to use the Datasource service integration.

Whenever a service node needs to be recycled, e.g. for maintenance, a new node is created with a new IP address. As the new IP address cannot be predicted, if you want to maintain a connection between two PostgreSQL services your choices are either to have a very broad IP allow-list (which might be acceptable in the private IP-range of a project VPC) or to use the Datasource service integration to dynamically create an IP allow-list entry for the other PostgreSQL service.

Integrate two PostgreSQL services

  1. On the service overview page for your PostgreSQL service, go to Manage Integrations and choose the datasource option.

  2. Choose either a new or existing PostgreSQL service.

Now your PostgreSQL will allow IP traffic from the chosen PostgreSQL service, regardless of what its IP address is.